Php Technical Specialist



  • 1. Responsible for the server-side development of the core business, abstract and reconstruct the existing application functions;
  • 2. Analyze and design system requirements, formulate interface specifications and complete core function PHP code implementation;
  • 3. Participate in the selection of technical solutions, including framework selection, cache model design and online operation and maintenance;
  • 4. Focus on product experience and user data, which can be abstracted into technical solutions;
  • 5. Lead the team to carry out technical research

Job requirements:

  • 1. More than 1.5 years of PHP server development experience;
  • 2. Master the PHP language, familiar with the mainstream PHP frameworks, such as ThinkPHP, Swoole, etc.; have a relatively in-depth understanding of OOP and master common design patterns;
  • 3. Familiar with common NoSQL solutions such as Memcache, Redis, and Mongodb, and understand their advantages, disadvantages and usage scenarios;
  • 4. Familiar with MySQL database, master MySQL index optimization, query optimization and storage optimization;
  • 5. Master at least one common message queue middleware RabbitMQ, RocketMQ, Nsq, Kafka, and be able to design reliable message services;
  • 6. Experience in large-scale website development and related experience in high-concurrency system design and development (architecture design, cache design, data migration and synchronization, consistency scheme, etc.);
  • 7. Rich experience in system refactoring and code review is preferred.

Organization Seven Chains Technology
Industry Web Development / Design Jobs
Occupational Category PHP Technical Specialist
Job Location Dubai,UAE
Shift Type Morning
Job Type Full Time
Gender No Preference
Career Level Intermediate
Experience 2 Years
Posted at 2022-05-14 1:44 pm
Expires on 2023-01-05